The Loop Family in America

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CHAPTER 5 -- Martin Loop of Livingston Manor, NY

Martin LOOP [Jacob(3), Sebastian(2), Anthony(1)] of Germantown, Columbia County, New York, was born in Langenbach, in the Parish of Bad Marienberg, in 1723 and was christened on the second Sunday after Epiphany. If Epiphany was celebrated on January 6, as it is today, then he was christened on January 17, 1723. He was the son of Jacob LUPP of Langenbach by his second wife, Anna Catherina SCHMIDT. Sponsors at his christening were his uncle Martin SCHMIDT, for whom he was probably named, and Catherine BAUM. He "came for religious instruction" at his parish church in Marienberg on January 5, 1737. In this parish at that time, children received their religious instruction at age 14. He may have come to America with his brother Christian in 1739. He appears as a sponsor at the baptism in Rhinebeck, NY, of his nephew Martin COOPER, son of Martin COOPER and Anna Elizabeth LOOP on December 12, 1742. Martin LOOP married near 1753 to Anna Maria MINKLER, whose twin sister married his brother Sebastian LOOP. She was the daughter of Josiah MINKLER and Gertrude SNYDER, and was christened in Germantown on May 2, 1733. In 1756 Martin Loop is listed by Robert Livingston as a rent payer. From 1767 to 1783 his rent is listed as 24 bushels of wheat, four hens, and 2 days riding. He may be the Martin Loop listed in the Albany County Militia, Eighth Regiment, along with Peter Loop, Christian Loop, and Sebastian Loop, his brothers or nephews, though he was 53 years old at the beginning of the war. In 1782 and 1784 he had wheat and corn ground at John Curry's Mill at Livingston Manor. Martin LOOP left a will dated January 14, 1786, in which he describes himself as "of the Manor of Livingston" and bequeaths the following:

Martin LOOP died February 3, 1786, as recorded in the family Bible. His widow Mary LOOP outlived him by almost 30 years. A map of the Town of Livingston, published in 1798, shows a residence of "W. Loop", probably meaning "Widow Loop", just off the road to Albany near the Lutheran Church. She is listed in the Livingston Manor rent records in 1805 and 1806 as Widow Loop, having life tenure on a lease of 126 acres of land and 24 acres of woods. Maria Loop died October 1, 1815 and is buried on the George Snyder farm near Ghent, lower village, "about opposite house on knoll". The children of Martin LOOP and Anna Maria MINKLER were:

+        1.  Jacob LOOP, b. February 9, 1753, bpt. February 18 at Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, d. November 25, 1777.

+        2.  Gertrude LOOP, b. January 6, 1757, bpt. January 23, at Germantown, m. William HARDER, Jr., was widowed before 1834, d. January 12, 1848, probably at Ghent. She mentions one son Martin HARDER in her 1834 will, though he died in 1844, before she did.

+        3.  Catherine LOOP, b. May 16, 1761, bpt. June 7 at Linlithgo, m. at Linlithgo, December 31, 1780, George T. SNYDER, d. about 1832.

+        4.  Martin LOOP, b. April 21 1765, bpt. May 12 at Germantown, d. probably December 11, 1772 and buried at Clermont, NY. This is surmised from an entry in the family Bible saying "My brother Martinus died 11 Dec 1772". As this was Martin's Bible, this cannot be his brother Martin, but was probably written by the oldest son Jacob, then almost twenty.

+        5.  John LOOP, b. July 10, 1769, bpt. July 23 at Germantown, m. at Claverack, November 10, 1787, Margaret HAVER.

+        6.  Maria (Polly) LOOP, a twin, b. May 14, 1774, at Manorton, m. at Linlithgo, July 3, 1791, Jacob LOOP, her first cousin, and d. before 1834. See information for Jacob LOOP in [Chapter 6].

+        7.  Margaret LOOP, a twin, b. May 14, 1774, at Manorton, m. John H. RIVENBURGH. He was born March 2, 1772 and d. December 14, 1856. She d. December 18, 1840 and is buried with her husband in the Old Ghent Cemetery.

John LOOP [Martin(4), Jacob(3), Sebastian(2), Anthony(1)] the fifth child of Martin LOOP and Anna Maria MINKLER, was born July 10, 1769, and was baptized July 23 at Germantown. He married at Claverack, November 10, 1787, Margaret HAVER, daughter of Hendrick HAVER and Elsie COOL. She was born January 21, 1770, and was baptized at Linlithgo. During two periods, in 1788 and 1789 John Loop's wife of Livingston Manor was the subject of frequent house calls by Dr. Wilson. These were probably periods of illness. In 1789 John and Margaret Loop became members of the reformed church at Livingston. In 1798 John Loop paid rent, at Livingston Manor, in the form of 52 bushels of corn. In 1803 he was assessed 5 days work on the road running "from Peter A. Decker's to the school-house". The children of John LOOP and Margaret HAVER were:

+        1.  Anna LOOP, bpt. August 25, 1788, at Germantown.

+        2.  Catherine LOOP, b. November 18, 1791, bpt. December 1, at Linlithgo.

Margaret LOOP [Martin(4), Jacob(3), Sebastian(2), Anthony(1)] a twin, the seventh child of Martin LOOP and Anna Maria MINKLER, was born May 14, 1774, at Manorton, Columbia County, New York. She married John H. RIVENBURGH. He was born March 2, 1772 and died December 14, 1856. She died December 18, 1840, and is buried with her husband in the Old Ghent Cemetery. One of the children of John H. RIVENBURGH and Margaret LOOP was:

+        1.  Jacob RIVENBURGH, b. October 23, 1796, m. Maria MILLER. She was b. March 24, 1804. He d. July 29, 1879. She d. June 30, 1891. They had a daughter:

a.    Gertrude M. (Maria) RIVENBURGH, b. May 20, 1834, and d. July 1, 1903. She m. Benjamin PETERSON. He was b. March 5, 1837, and d. March 1, 1913. They had a daughter: Mary Jane PETERSON, b. May 3, 1877, and d. January 8, 1948, who m. Francis (Frank) KERN. He was b. January 17, 1864, and d. January 27, 1949. They had a son Donald F. KERN, b. May 24, 1914, m. Marion L. WAMBACH. She was b. October 4, 1916.

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