The Loop Family in America

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How to Search this Book for Your Ancestors

This book uses a free site search service to let you search for your ancestors throughout the book. In the text box to the left of the "Search" button at the top of each chapter, you enter words or phrases that apply to your ancestor. You then click on the "Search" button. The results page will appear with a list of matching chapters, or a message telling you that there were no matching chapters. When you click on one of the matching chapters, you will be taken to that chapter. Unfortunately, you will not be taken to the place in the chapter where the match occured. This is a limitation of this free search service. However, you can manually scan through the chapter for your ancestor (some chapters are short, some long) or you can use your browser search (for example on a PC you can type control-F) and search for the same or similar words or phrases inside the matching chapter.  If the site search is finding too many chapters, you can click on the "advanced" link.  A new window will then come up to help you limit your search result to fewer matching chapters. 

Searching can be challenging, until you get used to it. For example, say you know your ancester was named George Loop. So you enter "George Loop" without the quotes. The results will include every chapter that contains "George" or "Loop". In other words, every chapter in the book. You can search for "George Loop" with the quotes.  That may find your George Loop, unless in the book he is listed with a middle name or middle initial.  There are many ways to improve the results. You can include the name of the town or state George lived in, for example "George AND Poughkeepsie" without the quotes. 

For more information about how to search, click on the "search tips" link in any search results window.